Watch Batteries

Home of the $5.00 watch battery! Have your timepieces stopped working and need watch batteries? Miracle Jewelry Exchange carries watch batteries for new to vintage watches including Citizens, Rolex and Swiss made watches. Stop by our showroom and bring in your watch.  We will check your watch with a battery and pulse tester, and inspect the watch for any obvious signs of issues.

Watch batteries can last anywhere between two to five years. Depending on the watch type, its size and the amount of energy used by its various functions.

Changing watch batteries:

It is recommend that you bring your watch to a professional watch repair service center because we have the proper testing equipment and tools necessary to complete a watch battery or repair. Bad watch batteries should be changed as soon as possible to avoid the risk of battery leakage, resulting in possible damage to your timepiece.

We use Mercury Free watch batteries.

At Miracle Jewelry Exchange we service your watches including:

  • Replace Watch Batteries
  • Replace Watch Gasket and Pins
  • Replace Old Watch Bands with:
  • Metal Watch Bands
  • Leather Watch Bands
  • Retro Style Watch Bands
  • Rubber Watch Bands
  • Nylon Sport Watch Bands
  • PVC Watch Bands