Engagement Rings

Congratulations! You’ve decided to propose. Miracle Jewelry Exchange encourages you to browse the store and look at the wide variety of diamonds and various engagement rings, diamonds and settings as well as wedding bands. We also carry antique engagement rings that are one-of-a-kind heirlooms for future generations to enjoy. Don’t see what you are looking for? Bring your unique vision to life with the help of our custom design experts. At Miracle Jewelry Exchange you can create your own ring by selecting your center diamond, and then choosing your perfect setting.

Engagement Rings Stuart FL

At Miracle Jewelry Exchange we pride ourselves in creating a positive customer experience for our clients as you select perfect engagement rings as a symbol of both commitment and love.

Miracle Jewelry Exchange offers customers the opportunity to hand select a special diamond from our diamond inventory. Our trained diamond consultants educate as they work with clients through the process of selecting the ‘right’ diamond’ within your budget.

Diamond engagement rings are an investment. It is intended to be a timeless jewelry item that you hand pick and purchase for someone you love.  You make this investment with the intention that it will be worn each and every day for the rest of the life of the recipient. Engagement ring trends can play a part in your decision making purchase.

Keep in mind some of the latest style in engagement rings:

The Accent Style: For a unique pick, many couples are choosing to purchase accent-style engagement rings. This is wide raging trend, has many options. What is a “accent-style ring”? A ring with floral design on the band, a band with a creative bow, or a unique diamond design shape would all be relative to an accent-style ring.

Double Halo Setting: The double halo setting is not a new designt, but is gaining popularity. It gives the center diamond more attention and makes it appear larger. With two halos set around the center diamond, it draws attention to the ring.

Twisted Bands: For a more modern appeal, you could choose the twisted band style. Twisted bands vary come with two bands intertwined, or a band with curves.

Art Deco: Emulating the engagement ring styles of the 1920’s and 1930’s time period, the art deco is about small details and geometrical designs.

These engagement ring trends all have quality and appeal and may help you determine which diamond engagement ring is best for you!

Come to Miracle Jewelry Exchange to pick your engagement ring!